About Us
At Skyehaven we breed very selectively and infrequently, often planning a litter years in advance. We screen all our breeding stock insofar as we can, for genetic anomalies. Additionally, we offer a lifetime genetic health guarantee on all our puppies. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any of our dogs to any home which does not meet our criteria.
Skyehaven   Shetland   Sheepdogs   is   located   south   of   Winnipeg   Canada   on   1-¾   acres   of   prairie.   We   built   our   dream   log   home   in 1991   and   have   been   here   since   then.   Over   the   years,   our   property   has   developed   from   an   abandoned   farm   site   to   a   tree sheltered   property   bordered   on   the   north   side   by   a   paved   road,   and   on   the   south   side   by   a   narrow   creek.   Over   the   past   25 years   we   have   planted   more   than   500   trees,   included   evergreens,   deciduous   and   fruit   trees,   giving   our   property   the appearance of a park. We   both   were   fans   of   the   Albert   Payson   Terhune   books,   and   of   Collies   as   youngsters.   Our   love   of   the   breed   led   us   to   begin   a Collie   exhibition   and   breeding   program   in   the   late   1980s.   We   segued   into   Shelties   in   1990   and   added   a   Powder   Puff   Chinese Crested   in   2003. The   west   side   of   our   property   is   divided   into   7   spacious   6   foot   high   chain-link   runs   for   the   dogs.   We   house   on average   5-6   Shelties   at   any   one   time.   The   east   grassy   side   of   our   property   is   also   fully   fenced   for   the   safety   of   the   dogs accompanying me on my yard chores, and for our grandchildren. Cam   and   I   are   both   retired   school   teachers.   Cam   taught   Middle Years   from   1976   until   he   became   disabled   by   Multiple   Sclerosis in 1987. I was an Early Childhood Educatior and Kindergarten teacher from 1984 until 2004. We have two children and five grandchildren 12 years through 17 years of age.